What food not to eat for oily skin?

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1. Dairy Products:

This may come across as a startling fact to you, but milk and dairy products can actually be harmful for your skin. It can have a horrible impact on oily skin, worsening acne-related issues and accelerating ageing. Turn down the glass of milk you were forced to drink as a child and look for the “calcium” content in green leafy vegetables instead.

2. Added Sugars:

Added sugars such as honey, cane sugar, maltose and corn syrup may trigger hormone and blood sugar levels that lead to excess oil production, giving a greasy look and leading to a high risk of acne. Added sugars have a high glycemic index and can be harmful to your skin. Therefore, limit your intake of food and beverages that use added sugars.

3. Fatty Meat:

Red and fatty meat like lamb, pork, ham and beef are rich in saturated fats. These fats are linked to fat and cholesterol which also have an impact on your skin. Try to limit or reduce the intake of fatty red meat.

4. Salty Snacks:

All of us crave for snacks like potato chips, French fries, baked cookies and salty biscuits. These salty snacks are rich in trans-fats and sodium that damage the health of the skin by causing inflammation. Avoiding salty snacks can be beneficial for your skin in the long run.

5. Enriched Flour:

Enriched flour is formed when whole grain is stripped off its fiber and nutrient content. Enriched cereals, breads, baked foods and pasta are rich in enriched flour; these lead to excess oil production, giving rise to greasy, shiny skin prone to severe skin conditions. You can replace these and consume whole breads, oats and brown rice instead.

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